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Daugavpils (formerly known as Dvinsk) is the second largest
 city in Latvia and is located in the South Eastern part of
 Latvia  at
at an important curve in the Daugava River.

There had been a Jewish presence in the town since the XXX
 Century. Jewish life in Dvinsk ended on DATE XX with the Nazi
 led extermination.

Table of Contents
Daugavpils Today

Brief History
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  • Recent political history
    • 1918-1934: Establishment of the Latvian Republic. Saima Period
    • 15th May 1934 -1940:  Karlis Ulmanis'  presidency
    • 1940-1941:  Soviet occupation
    • 22nd of June 1941 - 13th October 1944: German occupation
    • 1944-1990:  Soviet occupation
    • 1990:  Establishment of the Latvian Republic.


Jewish Population over the years
  • Yizkor Book
  • Testimony of Survivors
  • Overview

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Synagogues and Rabbis
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University of Latvia Center for Jewish Studies in Riga
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Dvinsk Picture Gallery
  • Places
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  • Current map of the area
  • German map of the area from 1942
  • Geographical notes and photos

Ancestors Photos 

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Jewish Holdings at Latvian State Historical Archives
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